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    Leveraging Patient Safety Science
    Featured Content | IACRN | Laura Lee | Upcoming Webinar | webinar
    How often have you wished for a crystal ball to help predict a serious adverse event (SAE), protocol deviation, or clinical care error associated with clinical research? If only we had the ability to ...
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    Technology: Efficient Friend or Foe in Clinical Research
    Janelle Allen | On-Demand Webinar
    Webinar Objectives: Discuss the use of technology in clinical research Learn helpful technological tools to create efficiency in clinical research Elucidate best practices for electronic pr...
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    Clinical Research Nursing Career Development: What’s in it for Me
    Deirdre Hyland | Georgie Cusack | IACRN | Lisa Lewis | On-Demand Webinar
    Presented by:  Georgie Cusack, MS, RN, AOCNS, Deirdre Hyland, RGN, RM, MSc, and Lisa Lewis, BSN, RN, CCRC Clinical Research Nurses (CRNs) work in a variety of roles within the clinical research ent...
  • Jean Gateway Webinar
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    Endpoints & Efficiency: How to Run Your CTO Like a PRO
    Jean Gatewood | On-Demand Webinar | webinar
    Webinar Objectives: The participant will gain valuable insights into the menu of variables, and their interrelated dependencies impacting clinical research efficiencies The program will delive...
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    eRegulatory: A Site's Perspective
    Julia Brenner | On-Demand Webinar
    In this webinar, Julie will discuss evaluating the site regulatory landscape, implementation of eRegulatory systems and the advantages and challenges. Webinar Objectives: Understand the start-...
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    Clinical Research Nurse as Leader
    IACRN | On-Demand Webinar | Sharon Flynn | Tamara Kempken Mehring
    Webinar Objectives: Recognize the importance of clinical research nurses (CRNs) as leaders in the clinical research enterprise. Understand the importance of clinical research nurse (CRN) leade...
  • Efficient Clinical Research Operation
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    Achieve an Efficient Clinical Research Operation
    Andy Tolman | Jill K. Shilbauer | On-Demand Webinar
    Having an efficiently running clinical research operation is key to a successful organization.  Achieving this gold standard can be difficult, but it is certainly attainable. What does your study pipe...
  • Kelly Willenberg
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    Research Compliance Careers
    Kelly Willenberg | On-Demand Webinar | webinar
    Hiring good research team members can sometimes be a challenge. How do you find the "right" person for a job? Discover ways to identify expertise and train your staff.
  • James Riddle
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    Working With Multiple IRBs
    James Riddle | On-Demand Webinar | webinar
    NIH policy mandates use of a single IRB (sIRB).  OHRP Common Rule regulations will expand the requirement to all federal research in January 2020, and the FDA may issue similar requirements as part of...
  • Study Task Delegation
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    Study Task Delegation
    On-Demand Webinar | Velma Marzinotto | webinar
    Does the Principal Investigator know that their responsibility for study task delegation is crucial to the proper conduct of a clinical trial? Is the PI aware of the revisions in ICH GCP E6(R2) regard...
  • janelle allen
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    Clinical Research Career Navigation
    Janelle Allen | On-Demand Webinar | webinar
    Janelle Allen will discuss the wonderful world of clinical research careers during our Wednesday, May 22nd Complion Webinar. She will delve into the current status of clinical research positions withi...
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    Study Intensity Tool for Clinical Research
    Joanna Gray | On-Demand Webinar
    A workforce planning tool for clinical researchers adapted from US clinical research centres has helped staff in the UK with widely accepted metrics that provide recognised, valuable data and evidence...
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    Sign Me Up! How to Reach Your Enrollment Goals with a CTMS
    Crystal Mendenhall | On-Demand Webinar
    We all know how hard it can be to recruit and retain patients to participate in a clinical trial. Technology can be a life saver, but many companies don’t know the best way to implement technology int...
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    Gateway to Compliance: Creating a Business Case for eRegulatory
    Leslie Korbee | On-Demand Webinar
    This webinar addresses the business and compliance case for moving to an eRegulatory solution for clinical research documentation. If you are uncertain if your institution or your team can...
  • Vital Signs of Research Performance
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    Vital Signs of Research Performance
    On-Demand Webinar | Rhonda Paz
    Vital Signs of Research Performance Educational Webinar Presented by:  Rhonda Paz, PhD, CRCP, Chief Executive Officer of Phase Up Running a successful research program requires integration of many ...
  • Streamlining Regulatory with eSignatures
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    Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Streamlining Regulatory Processes with eSignatures [Article]
    Article | Featured Content
    A Complion Feature Article There are many research documents, forms, and agreements that require signature. But when time is spent compiling paperwork and chasing down signatures, Physicians an...
  • Oral Medication Adherence in a Clinical Trial
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    Oral Medication Adherence in a Clinical Trial
    KC Clevenger | On-Demand Webinar | Sharon Flynn | Tamara Kempken Mehring
    Educational Webinar Since 2005 the use of oral agents in clinical trials has increased and exponential growth is expected. In clinical trials with oral agents, participants may not be adhering to s...
  • Efficient Organization to Prevent Burnout in Clinical Research
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    Efficient Organization to Prevent Burnout in Clinical Research
    Janelle Allen | On-Demand Webinar
    Presented by: Janelle Allen, BS, MS, CCRP, Director of Clinical Research Operations, Quality, & Education Learn practical ways to help organize your day-to-day clinical research tasks will be d...
  • 2018-10 Webinar What ICH E6 R2 Really Means for Research Sites Portfolio2
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    What ICH E6 R2 Really Means for Research Sites!
    Mary McGuire | On-Demand Webinar
    Presented by:  Mary McGuire, R.N., Clinical QA Consultant at Polaris Compliance Consultants You’ve heard it before -- the revision to ICH E6 includes many new elements; an emphasis on,...
  • eRegulatory Buyer's Guide
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    eRegulatory Buyer's Guide
    Article | Featured Content
    Download your 38-Point Checklist for Choosing an eRegulatory Solution Complion’s new eRegulatory Buyer’s Guide includes 38 critical considerations for selecting an eRegulatory system. This guide prov...