eISF for Academic Medical Centers

Designed to significantly cut down on paperwork and ease compliance burdens for AMCs, Complion’s electronic Investigator Site File (eISF) platform is a trusted eRegulatory solution that efficiently manages various document types, including logs and signatures, for diverse studies and departments.  

  1. Reduced Paperwork:Our system streamlines compliance adherence, making it less of a hassle. 
  2. Efficient eReg Solutions:Custom-tailored to simplify and enhance your trial management processes. 
  3. A Happier Team:Your staff will appreciate (and even request) our digital eReg solution, which can reclaim up to 30% of their day by reducing manual and repetitive tasks. 

Maximize Study Compliance

A user-friendly interface and robust set of features make Complion’s industry-leading eReg an excellent fit for academic and medical health centers to streamline regulatory documentation and workflow management processes. 

Automate Regulatory Compliance

Complion’s platform ensures accurate completion of regulatory requirements with purpose-built workflows. This sets up investigators, clinicians, and study team members from any location within minutes with role-based automation of delegation, credentialing (eSignatures), and training.

Standardize Compliance Across Departments

With Complion, you can onboard various therapeutic divisions and departments on your own schedule, benefitting from immediate consistency and compliance thanks to efficient, standardized processes across your entire research portfolio.

Increase Efficiency and Avoid Bottlenecks

A typical study shares dozens of documents across multiple systems, a process which can be incredibly manual, wasting precious time and increasing the risk of errors and bottlenecks. Managing these trial documents in a single, secure place increases efficiency for both regulatory and clinical teams.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Our eReg solutions guarantee audit and inspection readiness while reducing administrative and manual burden placed on academic research sites for regulatory compliance. With Complion, staff members can reclaim up to 30% of their day thanks to the reduction in manual, tedious tasks.

Seamless Integrations

Complion provides the most comprehensive and seamless integration of our eReg solution into your existing eClinical ecosystem – including automatically mapping with all TMF reference models to ensure automatic transfer/replication of documents on-demand.

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Trust in Our Expertise & Focus

As the founder of the eReg market, we provide unmatched value and site-regulatory expertise, and we enable rapid and full adoption. As a best-of-breed provider, we can rapidly integrate across the ecosystem to all major site CTMS vendors, major cIRB / shared site platforms, and many sponsor / CRO solutions.

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