Imagine all your regulatory documents organized in one place, accessible from
wherever you are.


As regulatory requirements expand and clinical trials grow more complex, it has become increasingly burdensome for research sites to manage documentation. Complion’s eRegulatory and Document Management platform improves efficiency, compliance and transparency for research sites and sponsors.


We enable regulatory staff to manage key documents and information more efficiently:

  • Searchability with a focus on information management, not simply document management
  • Key information appears parallel to the document, allowing the system to provide it in every relevant binder “without copies”


The platform provides better control over user access as well as enforced security and compliance:

  • Granular permission controls
  • Enforced standards in how information is entered and how documents are organized
  • Access controls for all external users

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We enable regulatory staff to share information and documents more effectively with internal and external stakeholders:

  • Assign tasks with email notifications
  • Provide access from anywhere
  • Leverage links to provide access to those outside the system, even in other systems!


The platform is designed to provide better insight into regulatory document management tasks:

  • Understand the work that has been done … and the work that still needs to be done
  • Document activity, task management and work completion all in a single place
  • Use binders to help understand which documents require work be done


The Complion platform is hosted using a Microsoft Azure cloud provider. The data center has been third party-audited for controls and compliance.

  • Create safeguards for improper deletion, negligence, fraud or misconduct
  • Control actions and access to documents with configurable user permissions
  • Secure documents with long-term digital archiving options
  • Leverage single sign-on capabilities to simplify and standardize authentication

What Customers Say

“If you ever question if you’ve made the right decision moving forward with an eRegulatory system, just take a look at the reduction in hours and how satisfied the staff is because their work is now so much easier.”Julia Brenner, MHA, finance and regulatory manager, Coastal Pediatric Research

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