Disaster preparedness

Developing a Disaster Preparedness Strategy for Your Site

Joe Wochna Disaster preparedness, Paperless Research Sites

Disaster preparednessFlooding, fires, and hurricanes have dominated recent headlines, providing a sobering reminder of just how susceptible we are to the power of nature. Watching the news coverage of people struggling to rebuild lives, homes, and businesses, one may wonder if it is even possible to be prepared for such incredible destruction. There are limitations to how much you can protect yourself and your property.

In the case of clinical research sites, paper documents can burn, or they can be damaged or destroyed by smoke and water. An important consideration for sites is to develop a disaster preparedness strategy with a focus on transitioning to paperless documentation by moving critical study documents to a digital format. A major advantage is that digital documents can be stored simultaneously in multiple locations.

Using Complion’s eRegulatory and Document Management system, your essential documents and other research data are backed up redundantly. We use a network of fully certified data centers to ensure redundancy, safety and security. Each fully compliant data center features redundant multiple power sources and state-of-the-art fire and smoke detection and suppression systems. These measures ensure all your research data is safe, secure, and available whenever and wherever it is needed.

Are your research documents and data remain safe and accessible, even if disaster forces you to switch to a different location?

Several Complion clients in Florida, California, and elsewhere have expressed relief and gratitude for the level of safety and security Complion’s eRegulatory solution has provided them for their research data. Despite catastrophic conditions, these research sites have been able to quickly resume their important work due to careful disaster recovery planning that includes safe and effective digital document management.

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