What Users Say About Complion

You don't have to take our word for it - our customers are happy
to speak for us! Here's what they have to say.

"Our monitors like Complion because they can get what they need and see the narrative of an entire trial from beginning to end without coming onsite." Stephanie Cardenas, LVN, South Texas Cardiovascular Consultants
"This has made my life easier. Regulatory reconciliation takes up a lot on-site time. This is stressful when I also need to perform SDV on patients within a limited amount of time. I appreciate the fact that the site can give me access a few days before and after my visit so I can review the Regulatory binder remotely. This is fantastic!" Anonymous CRA
“With almost all of our staff — and even some investigators — completely remote during the pandemic, Complion has helped us remain compliant with obtaining signatures on key regulatory documents in real-time for older, paper-based studies. The Complion team was very fast to help us with a solution to utilize the system for these studies.” Ashlee Drawz, Director, Research Oversight & Compliance, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, Northwestern University
"The Complion platform is well thought out and intuitive to use. On top of that, the team they have is absolutely stellar! Their team is receptive to feedback, and keeps in touch regularly to make sure things are going well. Their customer support is top-notch, too. I love working with them, and can't recommend this team / platform highly enough." Brooke Barrick, BA, CCRP, Clinical Regulatory Specialist, J. Lewis Research Inc.
"The doctors love it. It is so easy for them to complete a task and we get so few questions. We no longer have to sit with them while they sign papers and then bundle them back up to send to you." Norton Healthcare employee
“During an FDA surveillance inspection, the inspector was able to collect the required regulatory documents in less than an hour with Complion. And the inspector had no findings.” Susan Bonner, BS, RPh, Regulatory Manager, Tekton Research, Inc.

“What the Complion staff does really well is service and support. The team is more than willing to help and provide guidance whenever we need it. Complion is the only vendor we work with that is truly site focused and site driven. We always feel like a priority.” Dustin Caldwell, Director of Operations, OptiMed Research
“Complion has done an awesome job of providing us with training resources. They've provided us with language for our SOPs tht made the onboarding process much simpler than what we anticipated. Further, they provided several valuable resources like a sponsor success letter, contract language, and budget negotiation tips for getting the system covered." Julia Brenner, MHA, Finance and Regulatory Manager, Coastal Pediatric Research

“Complion allows us to set up standard 'binder' templates based on our preferences to ensure our files are being saved in a consistent matter. Now our team is interacting more often on a daily basis and it is much easier to find the documents we need right from our desktops without having to sort through tons of paper contained in multiple binders in varied locations. Using Complion is liberating!” Amy Rovitelli, MS, CHRC, Sr. Regulatory Coordinator, University of Rochester Medical Center, Wilmot Cancer Institute

“Beyond the system, we are impressed with the people behind the product. The Complion team took the time to learn about our pain points and needs. They worked with us to make suggestions and develop workflows that we wouldn't even have thought about. With their guidance, the system goes above and beyond simply replicating what we were doing with paper.” Rhonda Hoffman, Systems Director of Research
“I conducted my first SIV with Complion and it was awesome! The monitor had what they needed. We didn't need to take time during the visit for regulatory. It could not have gone smoother.” Norton Healthcare employee