eReg Framework Webinar

An eRegulatory Framework for the Future

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Watch Complion CEO and Founder, Rick Arlow, and the VP of Product, Michele Corvino, as they review the importance of an eRegulatory platform that adapts to your business processes and delivers best practices when defining your organizations needs, and answers your questions to ensure you are making the best decisions for your clinical research ecosystem.

IACRN 6.9.21 webinar

IACRN Webinar: IV Administration of Investigational Products

Joe Wochna On-Demand Webinar

Webinar Objectives: You will hear from three organizations about their standard practices for IV administration of investigational products. Various issues related to IV product administration will be discussed: The role of pharmacy; Priming / flushing the line; Documenting start and stop times; Managing and documenting infusion interruptions; and How to manage differences in practice within an organization.

2020 Centerwatch Survey: Sponsors Place More Burden on Sites [Article]

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A Complion Feature Article Varied study requirements, increasing protocol complexity, multiple amendments. Sponsors simply want to ensure the data produced by a study is sound. Research sites often feel they need to comply with what sponsors require. While sponsors may have preferred tools and technologies for handling study data, they often are open to sites using their own systems they have …

If Informed Consent is an Ongoing Process, what does re-consent mean?

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By the end of this session, the learner will be able to: Define re-consent and reaffirmation. Explain three types of research situations that warrant participant re-consenting. Discuss the clinical research nursing implications for re-consenting research participants.