IACRN 6.9.21 webinar

IACRN Webinar: IV Administration of Investigational Products

Joe Wochna On-Demand Webinar

Webinar Objectives: You will hear from three organizations about their standard practices for IV administration of investigational products. Various issues related to IV product administration will be discussed: The role of pharmacy; Priming / flushing the line; Documenting start and stop times; Managing and documenting infusion interruptions; and How to manage differences in practice within an organization.

If Informed Consent is an Ongoing Process, what does re-consent mean?

Joe Wochna Hide

By the end of this session, the learner will be able to: Define re-consent and reaffirmation. Explain three types of research situations that warrant participant re-consenting. Discuss the clinical research nursing implications for re-consenting research participants.  

Leveraging Patient Safety Science

Joe Wochna On-Demand Webinar

How often have you wished for a crystal ball to help predict a serious adverse event (SAE), protocol deviation, or clinical care error associated with clinical research? If only we had the ability to identify risks BEFORE they occur so we can build risk mitigation strategies into research and care processes! Prospectively assessing processes for risk is a hallmark of …

Jean Gateway Webinar

Endpoints & Efficiency: How to Run Your CTO Like a PRO

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Webinar Objectives: The participant will gain valuable insights into the menu of variables, and their interrelated dependencies impacting clinical research efficiencies The program will deliver a design for a flexible and scalable model for clinical research infrastructure and support, to create a dynamic efficient operational workflow The program will enable the participant to tackle the enormous task of clinical research …

James Riddle

Working With Multiple IRBs

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NIH policy mandates use of a single IRB (sIRB).  OHRP Common Rule regulations will expand the requirement to all federal research in January 2020, and the FDA may issue similar requirements as part of regulatory harmonization. All this means that research sites will increasingly need to work with multiple IRBs, not just the local IRB. This transition will impact many …