Extend the power of Complion with integrations

Complion connects to your CTMS, EMR, and other systems to streamline workflow and improve productivity.


Your documents and teams shouldn’t live in silos.

Sites are inundated with a growing number of technologies that rarely interact with each other, resulting in an additional layer of burden to teams that already have a lot to do. Complion communicates with your existing applications to streamline access to the information you need, without costly code or development time. Experience the convenience of accessing the most recent Protocol, ICF, or 1572 from within your CTMS, EMR, and other systems.

  • Conveniently access trial documents from within your CTMS, EMR, or other systems without additional time or cost.
  • Boost staff productivity by providing the right documents when they need them.
  • Maintain one single source of the truth by making one document instantly available to people that need it without duplication.
  • Login with the same login and password used for other applications with Single Sign-On integration.
  • Uphold document access controls set by Complion and ensure the right people can access the right documents.
  • Reduce burdensome training efforts by allowing staff to continue working directly in the systems they already use.

Complion improves efficiency, compliance and transparency for research sites and sponsors. 

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