Streamline operations & ensure compliance

If you represent a large research organization such as an academic medical center, cancer center or health system, it can be challenging to maintain compliance and quality assurance across your organization.

Complion ensures that everyone in the organization follows standard processes and procedures, and allows administrators to have visibility into compliance. The platform is configurable to your specifications and robust enough to manage the documentation for hundreds of trials across multiple locations — from any device.

Make your staff happy

Your staff will love the efficiency of our user-friendly features and be able to happily say goodbye to paper binders and wet-ink signatures.

Truly reduce redundancy

The Complion platform allows you to save files once and access them from all of the right places, including through integrations across your other systems.

Ensure success

Collaborate with research certified professionals to meet your specific needs and ensure Part 11 compliance. Share best practices through community forums and access exclusive educational resources.

Support investigators

Investigator-initiated and sponsored trials across multiple internal and external sites? No problem. Advanced IND/IDE and multi-center functionality are included and use the same familiar interface.

Enable effective oversight

Imagine all regulatory binders across your organization in the same standard electronic format, centralized, and easily accessible to enable effective oversight and quality assurance.

Reduce costs, increase reimbursement

Complion allows you to streamline operations and cut costs associated with creating and storing paper binders. Also, fees are reimbursable by your sponsors.

“The ability to document all of the safety-related communications is one of the most important aspects of overseeing the well-being of participants in our research studies. Complion makes it very straightforward to ensure that the right people receive and document that they have read the safety information updates throughout the study. It simplifies the entire process and makes all of our information accessible and organized.”Christy Gilchrist, PhD, CRA, HSHS St. Vincent Hospital

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