PharmaTech Outlook May 2020 Cover Feature

How to Render Clinical Research Pandemic-Proof

Joe Wochna COVID-19, Document Management, eRegulatory, Remote Monitoring

PharmaTech Outlook May 2020 Cover FeatureWithout question, clinical trials have been dramatically impacted by the rapid spread of COVID-19. There is even more of a demand during this pandemic for eRegulatory solutions that allow staff involved on all sides of this equation—sites, sponsors and CROs – to do their work effectively and efficiently even while needing to distance from one another. That’s where Complion comes in.

The company’s solution for addressing the pain points that sites, Sponsors and CROs are experiencing during COVID-19 are the focus of the cover feature for PharmaTech Outlook magazine’s May 2020 special edition on eClinical Trial Management.

Over the years, Complion has scripted many success stories by transforming the way clinical trial documentation is maintained. Powering Complion’s journey is a strong team of clinical research and software development experts who continue to improve the platform and processes in response to not only clients’ needs, but also those of the industry.

“The clinical research community cannot afford to stop working or sacrificing the quality of that work until the pandemic is controlled,” says Rick Arlow, CEO of Complion. “We’re here as an industry partner to help provide innovative and urgent solutions for trials during this time, including those specific to COVID-19, to help ensure high quality and cost-effective monitoring while even enabling the process to be performed remotely.”

A key factor that has been powering Complion’s focus toward understanding the current situation has been its relentless pursuit to listen to the industry and its clients. From the day Rick broke the status quo of managing site regulatory documents, Complion has evolved past just digitizing site regulatory document management into leveraging technology to completely transform how critical documents are managed and reviewed throughout a study.

“As we speak with pharmaceutical companies, we have found that they try to push down document portals and eRegulatory solutions on the site that the sponsor has created to best suit the sponsor’s needs,” Rick notes. “Though this approach makes sense from the sponsor’s perspective, this has historically been unsuccessful as it leads to chaos at the site due to a multitude of sponsor-specific portals, new technology to learn constantly, and difficulty in dealing with internal staff changes and re-trainings.

Coupled with this, the redundancies in the documentation process at the research site often lead researchers to frustration and take focus away from the trial. This also creates a fragmented document management process that affects reimbursements of funds and makes it difficult for sponsors to have good oversight on the trial.

Rick adds, “To this end, we believe that the industry is best served by a solution that focuses on empowering sites and provides sponsors the insight they need along the way to increase confidence in the completeness of these documents and submission-readiness at the end of the study.”

If you’d like to read PharmaTech Outlook’s entire article spotlighting Complion, be sure to download it.

Ed. Note: Complion has been recognized as one of PharmaTech Outlook magazine’s “Top eClinical Trial Management Solution Providers” for 2020. The publication’s annual listing acknowledges 10 companies which are at the forefront of providing eClinical Trial Management solutions.