Complion Makes #NoGoingBack Pledge

Joe Wochna Clinical Research Trends, COVID-19, Research Trials

#NoGoingBackComplion, Inc. has joined the #NoGoingBack movement. We know what you’re thinking. With so many social movements currently in the public eye, why would we support this one?

Simply stated, #NoGoingBack is an industry-wide social movement initiated by Signant Health: “[Signant Health] recognize[s] that COVID-19 forced the clinical research community to move trial conduct forward rapidly. The [#NoGoingBack] movement focuses on keeping in place the clinical research advancements gained during the COVID-19 pandemic . . .”

What may be most important about the #NoGoingBack movement is that it isn’t about any single company in any one country or any single state, region or district. Instead, it’s about leaders in the clinical research industry joining together to commit to continuing the great momentum we’ve created together globally to improve the state of clinical research trial conduct.

This commitment — and the contributions it represents and the work it reflects — means something a little different for each organization. Whether it’s investing in internal process improvements, reducing site burden, or implementing some form of new technology to improve the quality and safety of the work produced. It’s a solemn pledge to make continuing progress and advancements wherever your organization has impact in the clinical research industry.

By committing to #NoGoingBack, Complion has joined a long roster of other industry organizations who are committed to advancing without losing the progress that’s been made in a short period of time. To echo the last line of the #NoGoingBack pledge, “Amid all the uncertainty, one thing is clear — there is #NoGoingBack.”

Learn more about the #NoGoingBack movement and make your pledge to continue the progress made in clinical research. There is no financial requirement, and you won’t be placed on a list to receive unsolicited marketing information.

If your commitment to the #NoGoing Back movement includes implementing new technology, Complion’s Regulatory Study Management platform can help improve efficiency and compliance whether you’re a Research Site, Sponsor or CRO. Find out more about our solution.

You can even schedule a demo to determine if it provides the process improvement you’re seeking for your organization.