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The Future of Clinical Research Technology: Data Collection

Complion Clinical Research Trends

We live in an age when we are surrounded by technologies that are improving the speed and efficiency with which we can gather information, and the depth and breadth of that information. In this four-part series, we explore the evolution of clinical research based on insights presented by John Neal, CEO of PCRS Network. In this second post, Neal takes a look at the area of data collection.

CPR trains on Complion eRegulatory solution

Part 3: How Coastal Pediatric trained staff on an eRegulatory solution

Complion eRegulatory

We explore Coastal Pediatric Research’s journey to adopting Complion’s eRegulatory solution which has enabled the site to increase efficiency, greatly improve time management, and eliminate duplication of work while conducting their clinical research studies. In the last post of this three-part series, we take a look at the training phase when adopting an eRegulatory solution.

SCRS Talks podcast series

‘SCRS Talks’ to Rick Arlow about quality regulatory work during a pandemic

Complion Clinical Research Trends, eRegulatory, Remote Monitoring

In terms of the service a research site provides to the sponsor of a study, regulatory work is of utmost importance. Regulatory teams are burdened with figuring out how to make sure this critical work is done even when all the parties involved in the study are not in the same room. This is particularly true during this pandemic. So how do regulatory teams provide the highest quality especially during this time?

Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) sought the answer to that question in a recent episode of the organization’s “SCRS Talks” podcast series when they interviewed Complion CEO Rick Arlow.