The Real Site Regulatory Problem

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A lot of work is being invested to ensure research site audit readiness, oversight, and completeness of regulatory files or binders. Unfortunately, there is a lack of understanding if everything is being done to the level of completeness, accuracy and quality that is required. As a result, site regulatory can be a real challenge for Sponsors and CROs.

Disaster preparedness

Developing a Disaster Preparedness Strategy for Your Site

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There are limitations to how much property can be protected after a disaster. In the case of clinical research sites, paper documents can burn, or they can be damaged or destroyed by smoke and water. An important consideration for sites is to develop a disaster preparedness strategy with a focus on transitioning to paperless documentation by moving critical study documents to a digital format.

Tip sheet

Tips to Overcoming Sponsor Resistance When Adopting an eRegulatory System

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While electronic document management is becoming more mainstream, it’s still considered uncharted territory for some research sites. The transition is often approached with trepidation, fear, and questions. Complion has found sponsor pushback to be a common concern. To that end, Complion offers a few tips to ease the apprehension.