Coverage analysis

The Basics of Coverage Analysis

Complion Billing Compliance, Coverage Analysis

The topic of billing compliance is a highly prevalent matter in research administration. As such, institutions are continually looking for ways to ensure compliance, one of which is coverage analysis. This post explores the benefits of performing a coverage analysis.

Remote monitoring

Leveraging eRegulatory to Improve Remote Monitoring

Complion eRegulatory, Remote Monitoring

In this age of technology, every aspect of our lives is based on information and computerization. We’re constantly checking our cell phones, posting to social media platforms, or streaming news and other media. In the clinical research world, advancements in technology represent an opportunity to improve efficiency. One such example is remote monitoring which enables sponsors and CROs convenient access to site documentation.

Complion webinar series

Where’s my monthly Complion educational webinar?

Complion Education

We’ve had to pause our monthly webinar series due to the current challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our primary goal at this time is to focus on supporting our clinical research customers. We’ll soon resume our educational webinar series, and hope you will join us. Read more about how you can participate.

Investigator file checklist

What Goes Into An Investigator Site File?

Altitude eRegulatory, IRB, Site Files

The investigator site file (ISF) plays a critical role in a study’s success. But only if the people in charge of it – clinical trial investigators – keep its contents accurate and up to date. In this post, we provide an overview of all essential documentation in an effective, compliant ISF.