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Save over $6,000 on time and materials – per trial

Have you ever calculated the cost to your research site associated with repetitive administrative tasks and keeping paper files? A recent study published by CenterWatch found that the average site spends almost $14,000 per clinical trial on regulatory tasks and materials alone. With Complion, you could save over $6,000 per trial.

Average cost per clinical trial

without Complion

Staff time costs: $ 12,775

Material cost: $ 1,126

Total cost savings per trial

% reduction with




“”Total cost savings per trial $6,236

Est. cost savings per
clinical trial

$ 5,110

$ 1,126

$ 6,236


Source: CenterWatch-Complion study, 2015; N= 164 research sites

Average months from study startup to database lock = 24 months, estimated 255.5 hours of staff time for regulatory-related tasks per single clinical trial, Fair Market Value for CRC or Regulatory Specialist estimated at $50.00/hour.

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Are you maximizing sponsor reimbursement?

Not only will using the Complion platform reduce your costs, but our fees are also reimbursable by site sponsors. With Complion, you can avoid other long term archiving costs and also provide significant financial return to the sponsor by enabling remote monitoring access or more efficient onsite monitoring practices. Please contact us to learn more.

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